Lansing Has Talent 2022

This summer we are holding LHT at Royal Scot in Lansing, it has been a fantastic show each week with over 30 acts competing for the winner of LHT.  Here are the finalist

Michigan Mafia String Band

Birdie Van Ostren Band

Ashley Pyle

Dan Inman

David Wee

Collin and Gwen

Alex Teller

Zoe Cruz

Jameson Livingston

Shane Gruesbeck

Kyla Mulligan

Keegan Jacko

Tima McKenzie

Finals will be held 8/18 Royal Scott

Sponsors Thank you

Marshall Music

Music Manor

Elderly Instruments

White Brothers Music

Music Instrument Swap

Sunnyside Cafe

Royal Scot

The Gig Factory

Winner this year will be opening act for Q106 Battle of the Bands held at Royal Scott September 10.

Good Luck Everyone


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