The Kathy Ford Band has been performing for over 25 years at clubs, concerts, private parties, corporate events, weddings, and all other occasion  with over 50000 live performances.  We pride ourselves on being professional at all times.  Our many styles that we play are custom fit for the occasion.  We play a wide variety of styles such as Rock, Top 40, blues, Motown, Country and Jazz.  We would love to be a part of your next event or private party.

Lansings Got Talent winners 


Enrique Rodriquez Fhon

Justin Deason

Grace Burgess

Kanin Thelen.

Great job by all of the contestants.  Thank you to our judges, sponsors, band mates and Reno's staff.


See you all soon for Lansings Got Talent #5

LGT #4 

Here are the finalist tonight for Lansing's Got Talent.

Kanin Thelen

Erica Munchbach

Justin Deason

Billy Jo Hunt

Anderson Creager

Grace Burgess

Dagny Haverstrom

Navaeh Hulbert

Chuck Stolz

Kasey Kent

Dylan Wilson.

Congratulations to all of you and Good Luck.

Lansing's Got Talent #4 

Third week winners are Dagny Haverstrom, Navaeh Hulbert, Chuck Stolz, and Kasey Kent.  Good luck at the finals March 6th, Reno's North.

Next week we have a bonus night February 19th, and February 20th.  Congratulations to everyone.

Lansings Got Talent week 2 

Winners this week for Lansings Got Talent are...….

Billy Jo Hunt

Grace Burgess

Anderson Creager

Congratulations see you March 6 at Reno's North

Next competitions are February 13, 19, 20.   Bonus night is February 19th which is a Tuesday at Reno's North

Still slots to sign up. 

Good Luck Everyone.

New Location Lansings Got Talent 

Lansings Got Talent has moved from Reno's East to Reno's North.   Looking forward to hearing all of the wonderful acts we have lined up for this event.

First week Participants are:

Kanin Thelen

Erica Munchbach

Jami McCloud

Billy Jo Hunt

Bill Ragla

Jerry Hayes

Juston Deason and dedfoot band.

Good luck to all of you.  See you at 7:30 on January 30th. 

Lansing's Got Talent #4 

Lansing's Got Talent #4 kicks off on Wednesday January 30th.  So excited to be able to do this again.  We have a couple of new sponsors adding some great prizes for our winners. 

Marshall Music- Two guitars and gift certificates for First, Second and Third place finalist.

Elderly Instruments- weekly gift certificates and 50.00 gift certificate to first place winner.

LA Productions- Two hours of studio time located in DeWitt Michigan.

Reno's- give certificates to weekly winners and gift certificates to some of the finalist.

Thank you so much.

Please don't forget to sign up for one of the following dates to perform with two weekly winners going on to the finals.

January 30,  February 6, 13, and 20.  The finals which will include the weekly winners will be March 6th.  Starting times may vary but hoping to start each week around 7:30.

Please sign up and or get more information please call 517-881-8135 or email kford47311@aol.com.


Lansing Has Talent winners 

Thank you to all of the participants in this years Lansing Has Talent.  All of the acts were exceptional.  We had 14 acts for the final and it was a difficult task for our judges but they managed to come up with their top 6 acts. 

First Place Winner:       Marianne Wilson -She won a Yamaha guitar

Second                         Isabel Migan- She won a Yamaha guitar      

Third                             Will Pruitt- He won a $50.00 gift certificate to Marshall Music.

Other winners:    Grace Burgess, Samantha Shessia and American Roadtrip.  They all won gift certificates to Reno's.

Congratulations to all of the winners and performers.  

Thank you to Marshall Music, Reno's, and all of our judges and people who showed up for support.  See you next year. 

Lansings Got Talent #2 

Another great night and great crowd.  WInners tonight going on to finals Lena Paige/Madison Zaremba, and Thalia Ruiz.  All of the acts were fantastic.  Thank you so much for participating and encouraging live entertainment.

Lansing's Got Talent week #1 

First week winners Grace Burgess, Isabel Migan, Lee Purdy, and the duo Mertl.

Great night of entertainment.  Next show is January 25th come out and enjoy some great talent.  The winners from this night will be added to the list for the final on March 1st.

Lansing Has Talent #3 

Starting January 18 and for the next 6 Thursdays we will be hosting the Lansing Has Talent Contest at Reno's East.  Please let me know if you would like to participate in the contest at this website, facebook, or email kford47311@aol.com.

Prizes:  1st place- guitar

              2nd  place- guitar

              3rd. place-  gift certificate

Two winners weekly will go to final in March.


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